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As a blogger you always need to update and provide new fresh content to readers and the audience. At time it can be a struggle even trying to find a topic to write. As a blogger myself I sometimes struggle to come up with new blog post. Compared to my last blog post and this blog post a whole month has gone by with no inactivity.

I apologise that I haven’t been posting a lot. I recently had just moved houses so I had to go for a few days without wifi. On top of that, I’m in the middle of the school year. A lot of things are going on at school like assessments, subject selection as I’m going into my senior years. I also have a part-time job to go to and other commitments. I didn’t really have the time to sit down and take the time to complete a blog post. I’ve started several blog post but haven’t had the chance to finish it. Also Pokémon Go has been released the past month. I practically grew up with Pokémon and have been in love with this augmented reality game.


So without further a due here are some simple tips I found to over come my writer’s block and get new blog ideas.

1.Blogs has no limits

Something I realised whilst surfing through the internet is you can write a blog post on literally anything. Your blog post after all is yours and you are entitled to write and put any content on your blog that you want. Your blog post can have anything to your experiences to a recipe or something you learnt recently. Your blog has no limits.


2. Pinterest

It’s like a heaven for blog posts. Pinterest is one of the main apps that gives bloggers lots of traffic to their blog post. I get a lot of blog ideas from Pinterest and it’s usually just based on the pictures I see on Pinterest and not the actual blog post it self.


3. Blog Ideas

Another way I’ve gotten blog ideas is from blog posts on blog ideas.  Here are some blog post from other bloggers about blogging ideas.


In they give you 101 blog ideas you can use to create and write a blog post. You can find the article here. 



Here is another blog post, this time from about 50 things to blog about when you have a writers block.


Here are some other websites that offer blog ideas:

Get writing. Do you have any other ideas that haven’t been mentioned?

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